Top 100 Wine Restaurants in America

it’s a very exciting August at Taste!  We have received 2 awards for our commitment to providing our guests a wonderful food & wine experience.

The Wine Spectator Award of Excellence is something we have been honored to receive since 2008.  This award validates our constant work to bring our guests great wines, great value and knowledgeable staff.  We make wine fun and take away the intimidation of ordering.

An award that is new to Taste is Wine Enthusiasts Top 100 Wine Restaurants in America.  It was very exciting to be chosen by the editors of this magazine.  There are hundreds of thousands of restaurants in America and somehow they found us, in little ol’ Plymouth doing our “thing” with wine.  The more I think about it – where can you get a wine dinner for less than $45?  At Taste every Monday is the answer!  It’s a great value and mighty tasty as well.  The staff practices their wine & food pairing knowledge every week for this dinner.  Many times we all agree on the pairing and sometimes we go with the majority.  There are many Mondays where we can choose a wine and the pairing works perfectly on the first suggestion for each course.  However, there are a couple of times a year when Chef James challenges us with ingredients to pair.  Those are the great learning experiences for everyone.

Come on by and see the plaques.  top 100

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