Fresh to Table a Webinar

Today I listened to a webinar hosted by the NRA (National Restaurant Association) titled “Operational impact of Fresh-to-Table”.  We are spoiled.  It all seems so simple and natural to use locally raised, grown and harvested items.  So many had questions that seemed to come from a different time – 20 years ago time!  We live in such an amazing community where we are able to procure and forage fresh and delicious local items almost year round.

My favorite part of the seminar was the philosophy of Chef Greg Christian.  He talked about being sustainable as looking at waste.  What comes back on the plate from the dining room and asking yourself – are the portions too big, is something not being enjoyed by the guests and weighing the amount of waste in the kitchen.  His point was the less we waste or throw away the more we can give to the Farmer.  Unspoken, he implied, at the same time making the bottom line a sustainable amount as well.  I always knew to look in the garbage for waste.  I always have watched what comes back on a plate, but now with a new perspective.

In a business where the profit margin is anywhere from 4% – 10% it’s important to look at every possibility to tighten our belts so we can stick around for another nine years.

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