Top 100 Wine Restaurants in America

it’s a very exciting August at Taste!  We have received 2 awards for our commitment to providing our guests a wonderful food & wine experience. The Wine Spectator Award of Excellence is something we have been honored to receive since 2008.  This award validates our constant work to bring our guests great wines, great value…


Passmore Ranch Provisions and Taste

Our local sustainable fishery, Passmore Ranch, has a new reach for their business called Provisions.  This is allowing access to the general public to the delicious provisions they are producing on the ranch.  This is much more than just Sturgeon, Catfish and Trout!  Goods from their gardens and eggs from their chickens are included too!…

Best Little Winery

Best Little Winery Great article about our neighbors at Borjon.  Nice nod to a little restaurant in Plymouth.  “Taste, the Gold Country’s finest restaurant and arguably one of the best in Northern California”.  That’s pretty darn nice of you to say.  Thanks!